Bobby Bonilla Earns $1.2 Million a Year Until 2035 Without Playing

Bobby Bonilla Earns $1.2 Million a Year Until 2035 Without Playing

New York Mets fans celebrate Bobby Bonilla Day every July 1. He retired 21 years ago. However, Bobby Bonilla earns $1.2 million even without playing a single game since his retirement.

Although Bonilla retired in 2001 with the Cardinals, he has been receiving a paycheck of around $1.2 million on July 1 from the Mets. That’s why fans call it Bobby Bonilla Day. Also, it was part of his contract with the team.

Dennis Gilbert, Bonilla’s agent, negotiated a contract to allow the player to receive $1.2 million annually until 2035. The last time he played with the team was in 1999. Also, he will be 72 when the contract expires.

Bobby Bonilla Earns Millions of Dollars without Playing

Bobby Bonilla Earns $1.2 Million a Year Until 2035 Without PlayingAccording to white label sportsbook experts, the Mets wanted to let go of Bonilla in 1999. However, he still had $6 million remaining on his contract. So owner Fred Wilpon thought he would earn a lot of money by investing in Bernie Madoff’s scheme. However, Wilpon didn’t know it was a Ponzi scam.

As a result, Wilpon opted not to pay Bonilla and placed the money into the Ponzi scam. Bonilla’s agent negotiated the terms of the deferred payments until 2011 with an annual interest rate of eight percent. This, Bonilla will earn around $30 million due to Wilpon’s mistake.

According to bookie software sources, Madoff was the genius of the most famous Ponzi plot ever. A Ponzi conspire is a type of misrepresentation that utilizations assets from later financial backers to pay benefits to prior financial backers, persuading them to think that their speculations are essential for a fruitful endeavor.

Madoff is serving 150 years in jail for the multibillion-dollar scam he ran for quite a long time.

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