BetMGM Refunds ACC Tournament Bets with Duke Out

Duke had to withdraw from the ACC tournament before its quarterfinals game against Florida State. One of the Blue Devils tested positive for the coronavirus, which led to the team sitting out the rest of the tournament. Also, BetMGM refunds ACC tournament bets.

According to BetMGM, Duke got a large share of the ACC tournament wagers. The sportsbook will return all bets made on Duke winning the tournament. The positive coronavirus test ends the team’s season. Also, the players need to undergo quarantine procedures to prevent the virus from spreading.

Duke had no COVID-19 infections throughout the regular season. However, one of its players tested positive after their ACC tournament game against Greensboro. It was a letdown for coaches, players, and fans. Also, people who bet on Duke to win the tournament were disappointed about the news.

BetMGM Refunds ACC Tournament Bets

BetMGM Refunds ACC Tournament Bets with Duke OutThe good news is that BetMGM is returning the bets made for Duke, which had long odds of +2000 to win the tournament. According to a software sportsbook report, Duke had a chance to reach the finals after two straight wins in the postseason.

Duke got 32 percent of the wagers on the ACC tournament. It was second only to Georgia Tech, which got 32.5 percent of the bets with odds of +1600. According to pay per head bookie sources, Duke was a long shot at qualifying for the NCAA tournament. It needed to advance to the ACC championship to qualify.

A win over Florida State would put Duke on the right path towards the NCAA tournament. After the latest development, Duke will miss March Madness for the first time since 1995. As per the best bookie pay per head reports, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said that his players did an excellent job throughout the year. Also, he said that the players deserve credit for handling everything like outstanding men.

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