Asian Game Fixing Groups on the Decline

Asia used to be the hotspot for match-fixing. However, the Asian game fixing groups are on the decline in recent years. Although the illegal sports betting market is still growing, organizers and governments in the region are increasing their fight against game-fixing.

Since 2016, match-fixing incidents in Asian football dropped by 21 percent. The Asian Football Confederation is trying hard to monitor all games and detect suspicious activities. Also, the AFC partnered with Sportradar to monitor betting markets for such events. As a result, incidents decreased over time.

AFC General Counsel Benoit Pasquier told Bookie PPH providers that a few betting syndicates control match-fixing. Those groups operate worldwide but target Asian athletes because they are more susceptible to bribes.

Asian Game Fixing Groups

Asian Game Fixing Groups on the DeclineSince 2013, most match-fixing groups have been broken. Authorities have caught and imprisoned critical figures of the syndicate. Also, lone wolves, local syndicates, and gangs caused most incidents of game-fixing within the last seven years.

Easy Pay Per Head sources learned that gambling is illegal in most parts of Asia. Most gambling activities occur underground and controlled by organized crime groups. As a result, it is hard to monitor the betting markets for illegal activities.

Also, the low wages of Asian athletes make them susceptible to bribery. That made them an easy target for syndicates that want to control the outcomes of games. The announcement came on the same day UK authorities extradited Indian bookie Sanjeev Chawla to his country. He allegedly conspired in the most significant cricket-fixing incident in India’s sports history.

However, Asian groups didn’t limit their activities within the continent. BookiePayPerHead recalled the incident known as the Floodlights Affair. Two EPL games in the UK were suspended in 1997 after stadium lights lost power.

In both incidents, the outage happened during the latter half of the game. Sportsbooks had to consider the result up to the time of the game suspension. Authorities caught four men and sentenced for up to four years for fixing the two games.

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