AGA CEO Wants Media to Stop Legitimizing Offshore Sportsbooks

AGA CEO Wants Media to Stop Legitimizing Offshore Sportsbooks

American Gaming Association President and CEO Bill Miller asked mainstream media to stop legitimizing offshore sportsbooks. He made the statement during the second anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling against PASPA.

Two years after the Supreme Court struck down PASPA, sports betting experienced a surge in activity in the US. Many states legalized the sports wagering industry. However, the AGA is unhappy with how mainstream media is portraying the illegal offshore market. Pay per head bookie experts estimate it to be worth around $150 billion.

Miller said that the betting public couldn’t distinguish between legal sportsbooks and unregulated ones. Often media mentions the latter in their reports that is blurring the lines between the two.

Stop Legitimizing Offshore Sportsbooks

AGA CEO Wants Media to Stop Legitimizing Offshore SportsbooksBased on pay per head online casino reports, several media companies have been mentioning offshore sportsbooks. Miller argued that regulated sports betting markets give back to society. On the other hand, overseas market is catering to the drug trade, human trafficking, and money laundering.

Miller wants mainstream media to stop mentioning the offshore industry. Also, he insisted that publications should recognize that offshore sportsbooks are predatory and illegitimate. However, many players prefer offshore gambling sites because of their flexible betting options. They offer political and eSports betting, aside from traditional sports.

There’s a lack of regulation for political betting at present. However, there’s a chance in the future that legal sportsbooks will expand their coverage that would be comparable to offshore gambling sites.

However, not all offshore gambling sites are bad. According to the best bookie pay per head, some overseas gambling sites are offering their services within the gray area of the law.

One example of BetOnline. It recently pulled out of regulated sports betting markets in the US to avoid problems with regulators. Some industry observers believed it was an attempt for the gambling firm to acquire a license to operate in the country.

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