A Sportsbook Almost Lost Millions in Chargers vs. Raiders Game

A Sportsbook Almost Lost Millions in Chargers vs. Raiders Game

In a bizarre turn of events, a sportsbook almost lost millions of dollars in the Los Angeles Chargers vs. Las Vegas Raiders game. With only two ticks remaining in the extra period, kicker Daniel Carlson of the Raiders scored a field goal to win the game.

Somewhat recently of the NFL regular season, both the Las Vegas Raiders and Chargers were battling for a postseason spot. Yet, because of an eccentricity in the NFL season finisher standings, a stand-out situation arose. If the game finished in a tie, both teams will have a postseason berth.

Hypothetically, if the two groups chose to kneel for the remaining overtime period, they both secure a playoff spot. However, the Raiders had other plans.

Sportsbook Almost Lost Millions of Dollars

A Sportsbook Almost Lost Millions in Chargers vs. Raiders GameA potential tie situation drove thousands of bettors to bet on the remote chance of a tied outcome in the NFL. But, according to software sportsbook experts, it happens under 1 percent of the time.

To tie a game in the NFL, a game must go into additional time, and toward the finish of the 10-minute extra time frame, the score should stay tied.

Typical chances for a tie in the NFL from a pay per head sportsbook are about +6000, or 60/1. That would benefit the bettor multiple times what the individual in question initially wagered. Be that as it may, as sportsbooks got an ever-increasing number of wagers as the game moved nearer, they impressively brought the chances down to neutralize their significant liability.

FanDuel Sportsbook affirmed to BookiePayPerHead.net that the organization was in danger of losing more than $10 million, assuming the game finished in a tie.

PointsBet also expressed that a potential tie in the Raiders-Chargers game would cost them more than a million dollars.

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