A Guide to Super Bowl LV

The season during a pandemic is unlike any other in the NFL. However, the Super Bowl features the defending champions and a top QB playing for a new team. Here’s a guide to Super Bowl LV for people who want to know more about the big game on Sunday.

Tom Brady won six Super Bowls. However, it is his first season not playing for the New England Patriots. Also, it is his tenth Super Bowl appearance in 21 years playing in the NFL. It is also the first time in the NFL when the opposing quarterbacks won the last two Super Bowls.

Furthermore, it is the first time the host team will play in the Super Bowl. However, Tampa Bay will have the lowest crowd due to coronavirus restrictions. However, the excitement level is high in Tampa based on gambling software news reports.

Guide to Super Bowl LV

A Guide to Super Bowl LVAccording to sports betting bookie software sources, Super Bowl Week usually starts with photo ops at the airport. It is then Opening Night, where reporters interview coaches and players at a packed arena.

Based on bookie pay per head solutions reports, they did the interviews via video conferences this year. Brady said it was crazy to do the interviews in an empty room. Often, there are parties and concerts for fans throughout the week. However, this year’s official event was limited to an interactive football theme park.

Both teams are preparing for the game at home. However, Tampa Bay has the advantage of not traveling for the game. The chiefs had to train indoors due to snow Thursday. They will also arrive in Tampa Saturday and fly out right after the game.

The NFL limits the number of fans in the stadium this season. The Super Bowl is no exemption. On Sunday, the Raymond James Stadium will have 25,000 fans watching the game live, with 30,000 cutouts filling the rest of the seats.

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