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The preseason for the 2019 NFL Preseason is already underway (and has been since the Hall of Fame game). But for the rest of the league, those who bet on football can choose from 30 teams playing on an 11-game schedule for Thursday night alone. There are two games for Friday, then another three on Saturday. All of these games are just on week 1, so make sure you’re using the best bookie pay per head software. Your software should help make the NFL season more manageable for you.

On Thursday, The New York Jets will face the New York Giants. You also have the Arizona Cardinals going against the Los Angeles Chargers. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will also play against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Friday, followed by a game between the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday.

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NFL Week 1

NFL BettingBut those are just the popular games. There are a lot more betting options for those who are after supporting specific teams. Thursday has the Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills, the New York Jets at the New York Giants (Jets are the favorite here), The Jacksonville Jaguars at the Baltimore Ravens’ home. You also have the Washington Redskins at Cleveland Browns, and the New England Patriots at Detroit Lions (Patriots are the favorites here).

The Atlanta Falcons will travel to beat the Miami Dolphins, while the Tennessee Titans are playing against the Philadelphia Eagles. Meanwhile, the Carolina Panthers will play against the Chicago Bears, and the Houston Texans will be at the Green Bay Packers’ home. Thursday games wrap up with the Chargers at the Cardinals, and Denver at Seattle.

Weekend Games

The Buccaneers will be at the Steelers territory on Friday, alongside the Minnesota Vikings at the New Orleans Saints. Lastly, the Cincinnati Bengals will face the Kansas City Chiefs. As for Saturday, the Los Angeles Rams will play at the Oakland Raiders’ home, while the Dallas Cowboys will play against the San Francisco 49ers.

If you want to know how to be an NFL bookie, you can check out a great sportsbook software that can help you manage your wagers. With all the available NFL games in a given week, you will need the best sportsbook software to help simplify your business for you.

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